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About pumice and the company that mines and refines the world's purest deposit of white pumice: Hess Pumice Products
Hess plants one and two Hess Pumice Mine
Hess plants one and two Hess Pumice Mine

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Hess Pumice Products: Pumice Refining and Innovation Experts

Hess Supplies Pumice Products to Industry Worldwide

Located in Southeastern Idaho near the community of Malad City, Hess Pumice Products is a mining & processing operation specializing in the extraction and refining of the world’s purest commercial deposit of white pumice. In continual operation since 1958, we’re the largest producer of processed pumice on the planet. Why? Our “On Spec—On Time” promise and a dedication to the highest standards of refinement, grading, and quality control.

The Uses for Our Pumice

Pumice is used for polishing and finishing, for lightweight insulating concrete, as an NCS paint filler, a soil conditioner, and a concrete pozzolan. And more. We produce over 300 spec grades of pumice for industry—from one-inch nuggets to the consistency of smoke—all made from pumice with a hardness and purity recognized as superior to any source worldwide. We know pumice: we’ll help you determine what you need.